The Park

Architect, Walter Brierley, and landscape gardener, Simeon Marshall, designed Howarth Park to embrace the sweeping views of the Pennine hills. Their Arts & Crafts design followed the ideal set by Francis Bacon…

  • a green at the entrance’ to the house
  • ‘the main garden in the midst’ on the slopes overlooked by the terrace and,
  • a heath in the going forth’,┬áthe wild grass slopes to the north.

The grassed areas are enclosed by belts of trees and rhododendrons while a  circular pond in a dramatic old quarry holds the composition together (needs restoration).

Circular Rose Garden

The south lawn has a beautiful circular rose garden while a similar motif was used for a circular bed at the northern exit.

The planting was designed by Simeon Marshall of internationally acclaimed James Backhouses & Sons Nursery, York. An important landscape designer, he also created gardens at Thornbridge Hall, Bakewell, Derbyshire where, as at the Haworth, he created a ‘thousand shades of green’ in the landscape.