The delights of the park

It’s not just the building that deserves attention. There’s a wide range of trees and the flowers change throughout the year.  Don’t forget our rose garden!

A Ranger is a guide to identifying the flora of the park and can also set tasks for the kids such as map reading or for the smaller kids, a squirrel hunt.  How about a fungi hunt next September?  There’s also lots of birds, but at night, bats feed on the insect life.  A Ranger with a bat detector helps you spot & listen to the bats.

There is also an exercise route through the park designed to test your fitness.  So don’t just visit the house, look around the parkland.


Visit to Hampstead Garden Suburb

I have spent a happy afternoon photographing Hampstead Garden Suburb which I have been studying over the past year. It was dsigned around the same time as Hollins Hill, the original name of the Haworth, and to the same Arts & Crafts principles. The master planners were Sir Raymond Unwin and Barry Parker, who also jointly designed Letchworth Garden City while Wythenshaw, Manchester was designed by Barry Parker. Hampstead is the most famous of all the pioneer Garden Suburbs and its buildings, layouts, gardens and planting are all intensely artistic in their design.

St. Jude’s Church above was designed by Edwin Lutyens, “the Brierley of the south” (to reverse how Walter Brierley who designed the Haworth, is often described).

The suburb’s Trust website with more photos is HERE

David M