War near the Haworth

The sound of gunfire?

The Haworth was known as Hollins Hill when it was built as a home. The house and also Hollins School take their names from Hollins Hall which stood about 1/4 mile away. This was the home of one branch of the Cunliffe family whose head was Christopher Cunliffe. He was one of 4 Captains of the Parliamentary forces in East Lancashire  in during the Civil War.


Ship Room
Similar ‘Ship’ room from Mitton Hall


The approach to Hollins Hall was known as ‘The Barricades’ but this did not prevent an attack & severe fire damage to the ‘Ship’ room by a visit of Prince Rupert’s cavalry on their way to Marston Moor (a Royalist defeat). The Cunliffe’s then switched their main seat to Wycoller Hall near Colne; gained by marriage. Look for Wycoller Avenue off Hollins Lane, for the site of Hollins Hall.


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